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I-Cliqq + You

I-Cliqq is amongst the smallest, yet most prolific developers on the globe.

Our mainline focus is the embroidery industry, and that means that you get

impact-driven developments from dedicated programming.


With the main developments office in UAE, I-Cliqq is well positioned to serve Eastern and Western markets. Active in numerous aspects of the embroidery markets, you do get to see some cross platform technology emerging.


I-Cliqq is PC based with the flair of a 'Mac' appearance. A flexible and constantly changing economics requires rapid response to new platforms, and technologies. I-Cliqq runs on Vista,Win 7 and 8 without missing a beat. Like any software that handles vectors, you do need to have a really good graphics card and RAM.

If you always felt that you're being milked and creamed with high upgrade costs, lack of support and no updates then you may find I-Cliqq refreshing. We're transparent and our current userbase can attest to receiving frequent free updates. In many cases, I-Cliqq updates contain features you may pay for as full blown upgrades! This is a fact.

I-Cliqq cannot claim to have every feature, but we do claim to give you a new wall of formidability in your daily operations. In the constant quest to be different, I-Cliqq includes an array of features that can set you apart from competitors in numerous ways. Most companies today have almost the same software brands. The result- they can relatively easily reproduce what you create.

Try I-Cliqq and you'll find lots to let you create more uniquely.