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Flexible, intelligent...and progressive. The small team that brings you the big stuff!

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Streamline your operation with affordable software that delivers.

Affordable upgrades actually keep you in step with business trends.

We're available on weekends and sometimes even after normal hours on weekdays.


You'll find the US sales team ready to assist you with full purchases. If you're outside USA, just contact

 I-Cliqq directly.


I-Cliqq is small, flexible and progressive.


You may see world first features arriving with no real fanfare. We actually just get the job done.


Floppies are almost dead, but the lucent technology behind I-Cliqq is very much alive.


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The I-Cliqq interface is fun, suits your creative mood and has numerous tweakable preferences.

Embroidery Software is generally challenging with so many parameters and features.


I-Cliqq works alongside software like CorelDraw and AI. You have simple drawing tools and can create even graphics with ease in



Our design plans spring from user suggestions and 'on the fly' developmental concepts.

It is never possible to do everything at once, but the V2.0 gives you a hint at the development stream.


Make I-Cliqq your 'drawing board' for success.

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Everyone knows that most companies today produce almost the same! Its because many have the same tools.


Enter I-Cliqq. Our guarantee - you will find new power in I-Cliqq's array of creative possibilities.


There are things that we do differently, and as the userbase expands, you can be sure to see more powerful features appear.


Our focus is on 'embroidery' - it' an

 I-Cliqq priority and not just a business aside , so developments are fluid and flexible for the reality of business demands.


There is no substitute for dedication.

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 1) I-Cliqq Professional L1

 (Digitizing, Editing, Lettering. Excludes Keyboard Font Creator)

2)* I-Cliqq Professional L2 

( Digitizing, Editing, Lettering including Keyboard Font Creator) 

3) *I-Cliqq Professional L3 + Single drop sequin 

4) *I-Cliqq Professional L4 + Dual drop sequins 

* Options are subject to change with release packages. Kindly check our simple available  options with agents.

Kindly contact I-Cliqq or the agent in your country only. 

Home machine formats are an option. Kindly state if required.